MTS BondVision RFQ Trading Platform

The technology in our pockets is effortless to use - our trading technology should be just as intuitive. This is why we’ve redesigned the MTS BondVision RFQ trading platform to put the user front and centre.


Work smarter, not harder

As automation takes hold in the fixed income market, stay ahead of the curve with MTS Auto Execution. Maximise efficiency, leverage the latest technology and free up time to spend on your most profitable trades. Try MTS Auto Execution today on our re-designed BondVision trading platform and take advantage of:

  • Fully automated RFQ trading for Govies, Corporates, Financials, Covered Bonds and SSAs
  • Configure 20+ parameters in real-time directly from our newly re-designed trading platform
  • Monitor Auto Execution performance with real-time alerts and detailed audit trail
  • Update your Auto Execution rules in real-time as market conditions fluctuate


Get more done with the new MTS List trading functionality. Designed to be simple and intuitive, traders can confidently execute a basket of up to 50 bonds with a single click. Like MTS Auto Execution, List trading allows clients to quickly and efficiently execute their smaller orders to free up time for the trades that really matter.

  • Trade up to 50 bonds simultaneously with a single click
  • Trade your government bonds, corporates, financials, SSAs and covered bonds all together in a single list
  • Compare the best quotes to the MTS Composite or the mid-price to ensure you always trade at an appropriate level
  • Compare dealer quotes to firm pricing from the MTS interdealer market


Dive into Data

We live in a data-driven world; take full advantage with the new MTS BondVision Platform. Analyse real-time trade data from 18 interdealer markets on the new MTS trading platform - the golden source of liquidity for the fixed income market.


Trade Rates, Credit and Repo on one platform

Experience next generation RFQ trading on a wide selection of assets. Trade instruments as diverse as Government Bonds, Repo and Credit on one platform.


Next generation RFQ credit trading

The MTS BondVision platform provides tools to give you a modern, efficient and customisable RFQ trading experience:

  • Improve your chances of filling an illiquid trade by allowing your Dealers to quote partial sizes
  • View a comprehensive range of spread (I/Z/G/OIS-spreads etc.) and yield (YTC/YTW/YTR etc.) analytics and calculate custom levels using our new Analytics Calculator


Investors are more conscious of the sustainability of their activity than ever. Meet their expectations with dedicated Green Bond trading on the BondVision platform.

  • Browse all relevant securities in the new “Green Bonds” tab
  • Trade green government bonds, SSAs, covered bonds and corporate bonds
  • Set up specific Auto Execution rules for your green bonds
  • Bonds certified by the Climate Bond Initiative 
  • MTS Markets is a member of the ICMA Green Bond Principles 


Make sense of MiFID

In the new MiFID II world, it is essential for traders to know if and when their trade information will be published to the market under the MiFID II pre-trade and post-trade transparency obligations. The new MTS Transparency Indicator puts these details front and centre in your RFQ ticket so that you have all the necessary information to make the best possible trading decisions.

  • Clear, visual indicators in RFQ ticket highlighting when bond is subject to transparency
  • Understand immediately what information will be published to the market and when
  • View details of any applicable exemptions, waivers or deferrals