LSEG Fixed Income Offering

  • LSEG Fixed Income Offering

FTSE Russell

FTSE Russell is a global index leader that provides innovative benchmarking, analytics and data solutions for investors worldwide. FTSE Russell calculates thousands of indexes that measure and benchmark markets and asset classes in more than 70 countries, covering 98% of the investable market globally.

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EuroTLX is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for both non-professional and professional investors trading fixed income securities in retail sized denominations. EuroTLX offers electronic trading on for a wide range of financial instruments with a high level of transparency on prices and on pre- and post-trade information. Liquidity is guaranteed by a mechanism of competitive and continuous auction and by the presence of at least one liquidity provider during trading hours for each financial instrument.

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RepoClear is a market leading service clearing cash bond and repo trades across a number of European markets. Established in partnership with leading banks in 1999, it was the first multi market centralised clearing and netting facility for some 13 European government repo and cash bond markets, and a range of pan-European €GC Baskets. Today, monthly volumes average c. €13 trillion, and RepoClear clears cash bond and repo trades in the following markets: Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Irish, Finnish, Portugese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish and UK government bonds. Additional markets served include: German Jumbo Pfandbriefe and Supranationals, Agency and Sovereign. RepoClear accepts the following types of repo trades: classic fixed rate repos with first leg settlement on a same day or forward start basis with a term not greater than one year.

LCH Ltd supports two General Collateral products in Term £GC and €GC, both are based on the clearing, netting and settlement of cash-led repo trades in standardised ranges of liquid bond baskets.

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MTS has over 30 years of expert fixed income experience and operates efficient electronic markets in Europe and the US, catering to the diverse needs of issuers, primary dealers, market makers and investors. In Europe MTS has over 500 unique counterparties and average daily volumes exceeding EUR 100 billion. MTS US offers trading in global government bonds, corporate US bonds and emerging market debt.

MTS Cash – Interdealer market for fixed income rates products
MTS Repo – Order-driven market for electronic European repo trading
MTS BondVision – Dealer-to-client electronic bond trading
MTS BondVision Repo – Dealer-to-client electronic repo trading
MTS Depo – Electronic trading of deposits
MTS BondsPro - Electronic market for fixed income execution
MTS Data - Real-time tradable prices for European fixed income

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London Stock Exchange Group’s UK Order Book for Retail Bonds, an order-driven trading service, offers access to a select number of gilts, supranational and UK corporate bonds, developed in response to strong demand from retail investors for access to an on-screen secondary market in fixed income securities.

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MOT was launched in 1994 to provide retail investors access to the bond market and also to enhance the efficiency of professional investor operations by offering them an electronic and completely automated trading system, right from the order entry phase up to the settlement of the executed trade. MOT is the only Italianregulated market dedicated, via its two segments DomesticMOT and EuroMOT, to the trading of Italian and foreign government securities, domestic and international bank and corporate bonds, supranational securities and asset-backed securities. MOT regularly sees €1 billion of trading a day.

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ExtraMOT is the multilateral trading facility, regulated by Borsa Italiana, for the trading of corporate bonds of Italian and non-Italian issuers already listed on other regulated markets of the European Union, branded bank bonds and debt securities issued by Italian SMEs. Launched in 2009 in response to demand from intermediaries and investors to be able to trade Eurobonds within an electronic and automated market which, using the same technology platform and the same controls as the MOT, could guarantee transparency and efficiency in the price formation mechanism (as opposed to the opacity that frequently characterises the overthe-
counter or non-regulated markets).

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TRADEcho is the name of the partnership between Boat Services and London Stock Exchange to deliver a MiFID II compliant multi-asset trade reporting service, facilitating efficient and straightforward trade reporting in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Boat and London Stock Exchange will combine and evolve their complimentary trade reporting services into a comprehensive offering to best serve European capital markets’ need for an efficient solution to comply with new MiFID II regulation.

  • Pre-trade SI quoting service, and publishing of quotes via London Stock Exchange market data feeds, market data vendors and the service’s portal as well as SI Determination which calculates your SI status for each instrument and keeps you informed of your this status.
  • Post-trade trade reporting for OTC, OTF, SI, MTF, on-exchange and off-book flows
  • A Smart Report Router which provides firms with the tools to determine if a trade is eligible for publication and whether it is their responsibility to make the trade public
  • Support for all asset classes covered by MiFID II, including equities, depositary receipts, ETFs, equity derivatives, commodities, fixed income and other financial instruments
  • Support for the additional data requirements and definitions introduced under MiFID II
  • A web-based portal providing access to the services

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UnaVista is an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) operated by London Stock Exchange Group under MiFID which enables firms to meet their transaction reporting requirements to National Competent Authorities.

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