• Credit

    Efficient electronic access to the global credit markets

Credit on MTS offers a range of efficient regulated electronic trading venues in Europe and the US for corporate bonds, covered bonds, SSAs, financial bonds and mortgage bonds. It delivers the tools to support the full trade lifecycle, from pre-trade liquidity discovery to trade execution and post-trade information and reporting.

Credit on MTS offers a variety of execution methods to meet the diverse needs of MTS' global customer base, allowing market participants to access these markets in a manner that is appropriate to their specific trading strategy.  

MTS BondVision provides global access to the credit markets for US and European market participants in the dealer-to-client market. It connects users to the heart of the market's liquidity and facilities trading in a wide range of instruments. To aid price discovery, we offer a pre-trade information tool that matches the buyers and sellers of credit instruments and is integrated with the platform.

Market participants in the US and UK can also gain access to MTS BondsPro, a live, entirely anonymous all-to-all platform for US corporate and emerging market debt.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to diverse counterparties
  • Ability for buy-side to trade via a single GUI
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Easily integrated and user-friendly platforms
  • Extensive post-trade functionalities
  • Trusted and secure trading venues
  • Fully in-line with current and forthcoming regulatory requirements
Pre-trade liquidity discovery