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Trading date and timesort ascending Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantity Notional amount Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag Cnt
2023-03-01T15:27:49.096298Z ISIN XS2484093393 85.718 SSOB PERC EUR 0.2 200000 EUR 2023-03-29T07:45:00.000000Z 800913 ILQD FULJ 1
2023-03-01T10:26:46.329594Z ISIN EU000A1Z99N4 88.24 SSOB PERC EUR 7 7000000 EUR 2023-03-29T07:45:00.000000Z 800310 ILQD FULJ 1
2023-03-01T10:24:00.688179Z ISIN EU000A1Z99N4 88.215 SSOB PERC EUR 3 3000000 EUR 2023-03-29T07:45:00.000000Z 800309 ILQD FULJ 1
ISIN FR0014001N46 97.273 SSOB PERC EUR 10 10000000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1
ISIN FR0013516549 82.1965 SSOB PERC EUR 9 9000000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1
ISIN FR0013515806 65.6118567639257 BVUK PERC EUR 3.77 3770000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 2
ISIN FR0013451507 83.395 SSOB PERC EUR 32 32000000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1
ISIN FR0013451507 84.236 BVUK PERC EUR 0.9 900000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1
ISIN FR0013410552 99.63 SSOB PERC EUR 12.2 12200000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1
ISIN FR0013410552 100.415 BVUK PERC EUR 33.1 33100000 EUR 2023-03-28T07:45:00.000000Z IDAF 1