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Trading date and timesort ascending Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantity Notional amount Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag Cnt
2019-07-23T13:27:02.375647Z ISIN DE000A1TNC94 105.305 SSOB PERC EUR 0.001 1000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800519 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T13:23:15.268720Z ISIN DE000CZ40LW5 116.768 SSOB PERC EUR 0.001 1000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800515 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T10:10:02.724996Z ISIN US459058CY72 101.042 SSOB PERC USD 0.1 100000 USD 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800237 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T09:06:06.384393Z ISIN US298785HA77 100.138 SSOB PERC USD 0.001 1000 USD 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800164 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:59:33.922465Z ISIN XS1698218523 100.032 SSOB PERC EUR 0.3 300000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800150 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:53:58.202366Z ISIN XS0985666436 127.61 SSOB PERC EUR 5 5000000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800144 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:53:51.451097Z ISIN XS0866276800 147.395 SSOB PERC EUR 5 5000000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800143 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:52:56.491016Z ISIN US298785GQ39 103.028 SSOB PERC USD 0.018 18000 USD 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800142 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:27:35.199816Z ISIN US298785GQ39 103.045 SSOB PERC USD 0.291 291000 USD 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800104 ILQD FULJ 1
2019-07-23T08:14:33.726748Z ISIN XS1509006208 102.354 SSOB PERC EUR 0.033 33000 EUR 2019-08-20T06:45:00.000000Z 800093 ILQD FULJ 1