MTS BondVision - Delayed


The MTS 15 minutes delayed data published on this website are made available free of charge to viewers provided that such delayed data are utilised by viewers exclusively for their internal use. MTS delayed data cannot be redistributed, nor licensed or sublicensed, for or without consideration. Viewers cannot create derived data having as underlying the delayed data without MTS express written consent.

MTS does not warrant the completeness, correctness or timeliness of the data published herein.

Trading date and timesort ascending Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantity Notional amount Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag
2019-11-15T15:06:00.320123Z ISIN PTOTEXOE0024 114.576 SSOB PERC EUR 0.090688 90688 EUR 2019-11-15T15:21:00.424000Z 800583
2019-11-15T15:05:25.716573Z ISIN PTOTEXOE0024 114.5 SSOB PERC EUR 0.061544 61544 EUR 2019-11-15T15:20:25.856000Z 800582
2019-11-15T15:05:17.729901Z ISIN FR0013404969 119.998 SSOB PERC EUR 0.002944 2944 EUR 2019-11-15T15:20:17.842000Z 800581
2019-11-15T14:58:08.700228Z ISIN IT0005138828 106.947 BVUK PERC EUR 0.023 23000 EUR 2019-11-15T15:13:08.902000Z 800578
2019-11-15T14:56:10.271806Z ISIN IT0005311508 99.186 SSOB PERC EUR 0.02 20000 EUR 2019-11-15T15:11:10.442000Z 800576
2019-11-15T14:49:48.793408Z ISIN PTOTETOE0012 118.1 SSOB PERC EUR 0.020141 20141 EUR 2019-11-15T15:04:48.938000Z 800573
2019-11-15T14:48:31.637111Z ISIN IT0005282527 103.913 SSOB PERC EUR 0.015 15000 EUR 2019-11-15T15:03:31.756000Z 800572
2019-11-15T14:48:28.694492Z ISIN PTOTETOE0012 118.006 SSOB PERC EUR 0.011918 11918 EUR 2019-11-15T15:03:28.846000Z 800571
2019-11-15T14:48:12.819049Z ISIN IT0005137614 100.18 SSOB PERC EUR 2 2000000 EUR 2019-11-15T15:03:12.997000Z 800570
2019-11-15T14:47:43.708226Z ISIN PTOTEQOE0015 124.411 SSOB PERC EUR 0.00101 1010 EUR 2019-11-15T15:02:43.821000Z 800569