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The MTS 15 minutes delayed data published on this website are made available free of charge to viewers provided that such delayed data are utilised by viewers exclusively for their internal use. MTS delayed data cannot be redistributed, nor licensed or sublicensed, for or without consideration. Viewers cannot create derived data having as underlying the delayed data without MTS express written consent.

MTS does not warrant the completeness, correctness or timeliness of the data published herein.

Trading date and timesort ascending Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantity Notional amount Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag
2021-10-19T11:58:07.270401Z ISIN NL00150006U0 99.957 SSOB PERC EUR 5 5000000 EUR 2021-10-19T12:13:07.383000Z 800299
2021-10-19T11:44:20.766143Z ISIN IT0005410912 109.64 SSOB PERC EUR 0.01 10000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:59:20.885000Z 800295
2021-10-19T11:43:46.903075Z ISIN FR0014004J31 95.06 SSOB PERC EUR 2.5 2500000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:58:47.050000Z 800294
2021-10-19T11:43:04.539952Z ISIN IT0005403396 101.303 SSOB PERC EUR 0.5 500000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:58:04.674000Z 800293
2021-10-19T11:42:13.355971Z ISIN IT0005170839 106.645 SSOB PERC EUR 3.698 3698000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:57:13.504000Z 800292
2021-10-19T11:16:26.484520Z ISIN IT0005408502 106.795 SSOB PERC EUR 1.5 1500000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:31:26.647000Z 800285
2021-10-19T11:15:13.101566Z ISIN IT0005345183 109.959 SSOB PERC EUR 0.15 150000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:30:13.256000Z 800284
2021-10-19T11:14:49.600773Z ISIN IT0005277444 101.0728 SSOB PERC EUR 0.09 90000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:29:49.706000Z 800283
2021-10-19T11:14:39.466967Z ISIN IT0005408502 106.797 SSOB PERC EUR 0.15 150000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:29:39.575000Z 800282
2021-10-19T11:14:31.733596Z ISIN IT0005135840 101.734 SSOB PERC EUR 0.005 5000 EUR 2021-10-19T11:29:31.842000Z 800281