MTS BondVision - Delayed


The MTS 15 minutes delayed data published on this website are made available free of charge to viewers provided that such delayed data are utilised by viewers exclusively for their internal use. MTS delayed data cannot be redistributed, nor licensed or sublicensed, for or without consideration. Viewers cannot create derived data having as underlying the delayed data without MTS express written consent.

MTS does not warrant the completeness, correctness or timeliness of the data published herein.

Trading date and time Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantitysort descending Notional amount Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag
2024-07-19T13:28:25.166824Z ISIN PTOTEWOE0017 93.8587 SSOB PERC EUR 0.0033 3300 EUR 2024-07-19T13:43:25.331000Z 800388
2024-07-22T13:36:27.971434Z ISIN DE0001135044 110.926 SSOB PERC EUR 0.0033 3300 EUR 2024-07-22T13:51:28.137000Z 800481
2024-07-19T13:47:29.112061Z ISIN FR0013480613 51.632 SSOB PERC EUR 0.0038 3800 EUR 2024-07-19T14:02:29.218000Z 800430
2024-07-19T08:10:41.031740Z ISIN IT0005332835 97.0897 SSOB PERC EUR 0.004 4000 EUR 2024-07-19T08:25:41.226000Z 800047
2024-07-19T15:07:42.675709Z ISIN BE0000341504 94.595 SSOB PERC EUR 0.004 4000 EUR 2024-07-19T15:22:42.843000Z 800481
2024-07-19T15:17:47.339377Z ISIN IT0005436701 64.0716 SSOB PERC EUR 0.004 4000 EUR 2024-07-19T15:32:47.453000Z 800517
2024-07-22T08:37:42.714245Z ISIN IT0005410912 99.2109 SSOB PERC EUR 0.004 4000 EUR 2024-07-22T08:52:42.833000Z 800260
2024-07-19T08:07:56.541106Z ISIN IT0005532723 99.43 SSOB PERC EUR 0.005 5000 EUR 2024-07-19T08:22:56.738000Z 800043
2024-07-19T08:32:32.296624Z ISIN IT0005410912 99.2358 SSOB PERC EUR 0.005 5000 EUR 2024-07-19T08:47:32.436000Z 800061
2024-07-19T09:07:53.900857Z ISIN IT0005547408 101.05 SSOB PERC EUR 0.005 5000 EUR 2024-07-19T09:22:54.062000Z 800088