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The MTS 15 minutes delayed data published on this website are made available free of charge to viewers provided that such delayed data are utilised by viewers exclusively for their internal use. MTS delayed data cannot be redistributed, nor licensed or sublicensed, for or without consideration. Viewers cannot create derived data having as underlying the delayed data without MTS express written consent.

MTS does not warrant the completeness, correctness or timeliness of the data published herein.

Trading date and time Instrument id code type Instrument id code Price Venue of execution Price notation Price currency Quantity Notional amountsort descending Notional currency Publication date and time Transaction id code Post trade deferral Report status Flag
2024-06-18T14:56:23.669512Z ISIN IT0005274805 96.329 SSOB PERC EUR 0.113 113000 EUR 2024-06-18T15:11:23.800000Z 800944
2024-06-18T10:41:18.960713Z ISIN IT0005386245 98.0615 SSOB PERC EUR 1.157 1157000 EUR 2024-06-18T10:56:19.140000Z 800628
2024-06-18T13:04:54.032791Z ISIN DE0001135044 111.283 SSOB PERC EUR 0.0117 11700 EUR 2024-06-18T13:19:54.183000Z 800779
2024-06-18T15:02:53.404356Z ISIN AT0000A1K9F1 73.21 SSOB PERC EUR 0.012 12000 EUR 2024-06-18T15:17:53.568000Z 801026
2024-06-18T15:24:35.719464Z ISIN IT0005517195 97.2772 SSOB PERC EUR 0.012 12000 EUR 2024-06-18T15:39:35.901000Z 801104
2024-06-18T12:29:00.477097Z ISIN IT0005517195 97.209 SSOB PERC EUR 0.12 120000 EUR 2024-06-18T12:44:00.642000Z 800736
2024-06-18T13:34:29.212688Z ISIN IT0005534281 99.845 SSOB PERC EUR 0.12 120000 EUR 2024-06-18T13:49:29.320000Z 800849
2024-06-18T10:30:37.252481Z ISIN IT0005495731 97.166 SSOB PERC EUR 1.2 1200000 EUR 2024-06-18T10:45:37.379000Z 800579
2024-06-18T10:30:38.642473Z ISIN IT0005433690 89.2452 SSOB PERC EUR 1.2 1200000 EUR 2024-06-18T10:45:38.782000Z 800583
2024-06-18T11:30:01.422075Z ISIN IT0005584849 99.587 SSOB PERC EUR 1.2 1200000 EUR 2024-06-18T11:45:01.574000Z 800656