• Issuers

As Europe’s premier facilitator to the fixed income market, for over 30 years we have been working closely with DMOs and central banks across Europe and beyond to facilitate highly liquid and transparent primary and secondary bond markets.

We give debt issuers direct, efficient access to a series of services and tools that enable them to conduct a modern and sophisticated debt management operation. TRS is a specific market facility within MTS' cash markets system designed for tap, buyback and switch operations conducted by DMOs.

Features include:

  • Electronic execution of firm prices
  • DMO driven
  • Customisable set-up
  • Wide network of participants
  • Free MTS trading software
  • Full STP and automated settlement using CCP/bilateral hybrid technology
  • Typically operates under the same market organiser as the relevant domestic interdealer cash market
Centrally cleared tri-party repo financing