SFTR Solutions

What is SFTR? 

The “MiFID II for repo”, SFTR is the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation, an EU law that introduces transaction reporting obligations for the repo and buy-sell back markets. In general, both counterparties to a trade need to report. 

Who is in scope for reporting? 

With some limited exemptions: 

  • EEA firms, including their EEA and non-EEA branches. 
  • EEA branches of non-EEA firms. 

What needs to be reported? 

Trades, lifecycle events such as collateral updates and collateral reuse will have to be reported to a Trade Repository, such as UnaVista, by T+1. 

When will I need to report under SFTR? 

SFTR reporting – provisional timeline 

What will I need to report under SFTR? 

Up to 110 fields are in scope for repo with 57 matching fields high risk of “reporting breaks” 

How will I report under SFTR? 

Significant challenges for both D2D and D2C repo 

  • Multiple manual processes, inefficient workflows and limited standardisation!


MTS enables Buyside and Sellside to overcome these challenges


 Automate D2D and D2C repo with MTS Repo