1. Unique liquidity

In today’s bond markets, we recognise that connectivity to liquidity is perhaps the most pressing challenge facing participants.

In an effort to connect all types of counterparties with each other on a single venue, we have pioneered the all-to- all model on our MTS BondsPro platform as a method of boosting liquidity by enabling all participants to act as either price provider, price taker or both.

The platform supports live, all-to-all trading for USD and a wide range of non-USD denominated corporate bonds and emerging market debt, connecting a network of buy-side and sell-side participants in the US, UK and Switzerland. This cross-border connectivity is key to fostering liquidity between the global bond markets.

  • Access to unique liquidity with 650+ buy-side and sell-side customers
  • Wide range of US corporate and emerging market debt products
  • Over 15,000 bonds priced daily
  • Liquidity providers trade for free when providing passive liquidity

Access unique liquidity: