MTS BondsPro Data

Informed trading and management decisions rely on access to comprehensive real-time market data, but the global credit markets are opaque and fragmented.  Even firms with access to the right data face challenges integrating it with existing systems and processes. 

BondsPro provides data consisting of institutional order book prices on over 20,000 corporate bonds every day. It offers unique pre-trade transparency, with access to more than 100,000 real-time prices at a time from over 500 market participants, traded 22 hours a day on an anonymous, all-to-all network.

This allows clients to accurately identify trading opportunities, determine pre-trade liquidity, and perform valuation analyses using actual executable market prices, without having to rely on indicative quotes or derived values. 

Data from BondsPro offers a distinctive view of the institutional credit markets with wide coverage and liquidity.  

Through a partnership with BondCliQ, we are making liquidity visible.  With access to a premier set of institutional order book prices, investors will be empowered with a new understanding of pre-trade liquidity and accurate pricing for their portfolios via the BondTiQ platform.

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