About MTS BondVision

Multi-dealer-to-client trading platform for government bonds and credit

Trusted by thousands of traders, MTS BondVision offers direct access to the heart of the bond market’s liquidity. The platform is tailored directly to the needs of fixed income investors and supports trading in multiple currencies, including EUR, GBP, USD, CEE local currencies and Nordics (DKK, NOK, SEK).

MTS BondVision operates as an MTF under the supervision of the FCA in the UK (BondVision UK) and as an MTF in Italy under the supervision of Consob (BondVision Europe). In the US it is operated by Euronext Market Services LLC, which is a member firm of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corp (SIPC).

By connecting users directly to one of the largest networks of liquidity providers available on one online trading platform, MTS BondVision ensures access to the best rates available for a wide range of government bonds and credit products.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive network of regional and global liquidity providers
  • Execute on the best price available via RFQ-based trading model
  • Search for and execute axed bonds
  • Access a unique pre-trade view of the wholesale market with MTS Data
  • Fully regulated and secure trading venue, compliant with MiFID II and other applicable regulation
  • Proven FIX-based technology, interoperable with all major OMS providers