Pre-trade information

Pre-trade liquidity discovery

The MTS pre-trade information tool enables asset managers to search for the bonds they wish to trade and identify an appropriate counterparty in an efficient and effective manner.

The liquidity discovery tool enables dealers to market inventory to tier one institutions, while at the same time controlling who has access to their data.

The MTS pre-trade information tool significantly increases the probability of a successful trade and improves the efficiency of the execution workflow process.

A buy-side trader can identify the appropriate counterparties to choose prior to executing on MTS BondVision.

Buy-side participants benefit from:

  • Increased probability of execution
  • Access to 26 dealers providing axes, with more in the pipeline¬†
  • Comprehensive database of 15,000 bonds
  • Powerful search engine
  • Overview of real-time market liquidity
  • Unique historical axes data

Banks benefit from:

  • Full control of the information they share
  • Improved distribution to Tier 1 buy-side
  • Efficient and light touch connectivity
  • Ability to compare metrics with competitors (e.g. number of axes sent, average axe size by sector, average turnover by sector)
  • No connectivity costs