2. Liquidity

MTS delivers access to exceptional liquidity for the European electronic bond markets. As Europe’s premier facilitator to the fixed income market, for over 30 years we have been working closely with DMOs, primary dealers, regulators and central banks across Europe and beyond to facilitate highly liquid primary and secondary bond markets.

We offer a variety of order types for fixed income products, therefore making the market more accessible and optimising liquidity. Primary dealers and banks can access either an order-driven market or a quote-driven market, with both being based on the same technology and liquidity shared between each of them.

Our EBM order-driven market allows efficient execution of natural interest flows, while the quote-driven market displays the bids and asks of these market makers for a specific security.

In addition, we support the dealer-to-client bond market through our MTS BondVision platform. Market makers on MTS Cash also provide prices on MTS BondVision, so liquidity is utilised between the two platforms by the market making banks.