6. Trading Functionalities

Innovative functionality on MTS Cash includes MidPrice crossing, striker, basis, spreads, switch auctions, taps and buy-backs.

The range of rich trading functionalities on our MTS Cash interdealer platform enables dealers to make confident, accurate decisions and enhance overall trading performance.

Functionality is continuously updated to meet evolving compliance standards and to emulate the efficiency of voice trading with the added transparency offered by an electronic trading venue.

Trading functionality includes:

  • Variety of trading venues - participants can access domestic, quote-driven markets as well as the order-driven market, EBM via the same technology
  • Auto-matching of quotes - quotes of opposite side at same price are auto-matched
  • MidPrice crossing – anonymous semi-lit order book referenced to the MTS order book to determine a real-time mid-price level at which orders are matched
  • Matching between orders (hit/lift) and quotes (bid/offer) - low network latency and deep order book guarantees fast execution even block-size orders
  • Ability to display block quantity or drip quantity - remaining amount is hidden