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1 Country overview

MTS EU is a dedicated market segment for EU-issued debt and is among the recognised platforms for market making by members of the European Primary Dealer Network

2 Instruments

All bonds issued by the European Commission for amounts higher than EUR 3 Billion and with time to maturity higher than 1 year are available for trading on MTS EU

For a full list of available instruments, click here.

2.1 Minimum lots

Our Regulatory Specifications published here include the minimum quote, increment and trade size for all securities listed on MTS EU.

The information is under the “Minimum Quote and Order sizes” tab of the relevant file.

3 Participants

For a list of participants, click here.

3.1 Participant requirements

Participants can access in Market Maker or Liquidity Provider capacity, according to their selection in the MTS Memberhsip Portal and must be members of the European Primary Dealer Network.

4 Market Hours

MTS EU Market Hours (CET/CEST)

Pre-Market: 7:30am – 8:00am

Trading Hours: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Market Closed: 5:30pm

5 Settlement

Settlement of trades in the MTS EU market is conducted either via Euroclear Bank Brussels or Clearstream Banking Luxembourg.

In line with the settlement procedures of these firms, MTS transmits payment/ delivery instructions in real time for each single transaction via Swift to Euroclear Bank Brussels/Clearstream Banking Luxembourg on behalf of both counterparties.

Each MTS participant must be a member of one of the two ICSDs either directly or indirectly through an agent bank.

LCH SA is available as a central counterparty.

Settlement cycle is T+2 and the settlement calendar follows the TARGET calendar skipping value date only on TARGET non-business days.

6 Market Data

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