• Greece

1 Country overview

MTS facilitates a dedicated market for the electronic trading of Greek government debt securities.

2 Instruments

Euro denominated securities issued by the Hellenic Republic of Greece, with maturity ranging from 1.25 to 30 years are traded on the MTS Greek market.

A (1.25-3.5y)

B (3.5-6.5y)

C (6.5-13.5y)

D (over 13.5y)

For a full list of available instruments, click here.

2.1 Minimum lots

Proposals must be formulated for a minimum quantity equal to EUR 2.5 or EUR 5 million, depending on the maturity bucket.

Orders may be submitted for the following quantities:

EUR 2.5 million and multiples for auto-matching.

Odd lots of EUR 0.5 and multiples up to EUR 2.5, with manual matching subject to market makers' acceptance.

3 Participants

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4 Market Hours

Cash Market Hours (CET)

Pre-Market: 7:30 am – 8:00 am

Trading Hours: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Market Closed: 5:30 pm

5 Settlement

Trades on Greek Government bonds settle at Bank of Greece (BOGS). MTS sends Swift settlement instructions on behalf of both participants to NBB-SSS. MTS participants must hold a securities account at NBB-SSS either directly or indirectly through a custodian.

No Central Counterparty is available.

 The settlement cycle is T+2. The settlement calendar follows the TARGET calendar skipping value date only on TARGET non-business days.

6 Market Data

6.1 Password protected

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