• Slovenia

1 Country overview

MTS facilitates a dedicated market for the electronic trading of Slovenian government bonds.

2 Instruments

Euro denominated securities issued by the Slovenian government, with a minimum of 1.25 years are traded on MTS.

The securities are divided into 4 different maturity buckets:

A (1.25-3.5y)

B (3.5-6.5y)

C (6.5-13.5y)

D (over 13.5y)

For a full list of available instruments, click here.

2.1 Minimum lots

Proposals must be formulated for a minimum quantity of EUR 1 million.

Orders may be submitted for the following quantities:

EUR 1 million and multiples with auto-matching

Odd lots of EUR 0.5 million with manual matching subject to market makers’ acceptance

3 Participants

For a list of participants, click here.

3.1 Participant Requirements

All primary dealers of Slovenia participate in MTS as market makers. Additional participants are able to participate in the market, subject to Committee approval.

The Committee sets the rules for admission of new participants. Participants can join MTS only as a market maker.

MTS currently has 16 participants in Slovenia.

The 12 official primary dealers of Slovenia all participate as market makers as do a number of other banks that have chosen to provide liquidity in this way.

4 Market Hours

Cash Market Hours (CET)

Pre-Market: 7:30am – 8:00am

Pre-Open Market: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Market Closed: 5:30 pm

5 Settlement

Trades on Slovenian Government bonds settle at Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking Luxemburg. MTS sends Swift settlement instructions on behalf of both participants to the relevant ICSD. MTS participants must hold a securities account at one of the two ICSDs either directly or indirectly through a custodian.

LCH SA is available as a Central Counterparty: for CCP transactions MTS sends Swift trade messages on behalf of both participants to LCH SA. The settlement cycle is T+2. The settlement calendar follows the TARGET calendar skipping value date only on TARGET non-business days.

6 Market Data

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