Order-driven multilateral trading facility

MTS Group operates Europe’s leading interdealer government bond markets, with over 500 counterparties and 2,000 traders trading an average daily volume exceeding EUR 130 billion across all MTS platforms. EBM leverages and builds on this liquidity, increasing trading opportunities for participants making and taking prices.

EBM is an order-driven multilateral trading facility operated by MTS SpA, allowing all participants full functionality and no quoting requirements in accessing an order book that displays bid and ask prices for a very wide range of European government bonds.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a highly liquid central limit order book market
  • Variety of order types and full functionality available to all participants
  • The largest liquidity pools in Europe
  • No quoting obligations
  • Intuitive front end GUI
  • Full STP and automated settlement using CCP/Bi-lateral hybrid technology
  • Low latency market data
  • Consob regulated MTF