1. MTS Real-Time Data

Real-time executable prices and trade data direct from the source

As Europe’s premier facilitator for the electronic fixed income trading market, MTS Market Data delivers an un-paralleled source of pre- and post-trade transparency sourced from a trading community of over 500 unique counterparties and average daily turnover exceeding EUR 130 billion.

MTS Real-Time Data provides continuous pricing information throughout the trading day with depth and all associated volumes.


  • Trading advantage from consistent access to the most comprehensive source of European bond data
  • Unparalleled price discovery
  • Enhanced compliance, portfolio and risk management capabilities
  • Invaluable and unique insight into market turnover and volatility
  • Confidence that decisions are based on executable prices, never indicative

Delivery methods:

  • Market data vendors


  • Real-time bond market data providing best bid/offer quotes, market depth and trade data, all complete with related volumes
  • Actual traded prices or executable prices that are live on the MTS platform and at which MTS participants may deal – never indicative
  • Fully executable electronic pricing for listed bonds from the MTS interdealer markets
  • Representative trading data – the majority of the electronic Euro-denominated government bond market volume is traded on the MTS markets, therefore MTS data is an accurate representation of all trading data
  • The MTS market-making system encourages narrow bid/offer spreads and continuous, aggressive pricing on
a wide range of structures (fixed-coupon, zero coupon, floating-rate and treasury bills from government issuers
) irrespective of market conditions