4. Co-location

The ultimate option in terms of low-latency connectivity

The MTS Co-Location Service - the ultimate option in terms of low-latency connectivity - allows customers, including market participants, market data users and authorised Network Service Providers (NSP), to host their servers within the primary data centre of MTS (provided by SIA), thus putting them as close as possible to trading and market data systems.

Service provision:

  • Room space for the user equipment in the Primary Hosting Site of MTS. Rack dimensions cm 60x101x200,42 units, available 39U, max power 3kW/rack
  • Dedicated network access points: 1Gb Internal resilient connectivity
  • Monitoring and Support:
    • Access to the co-Location site
    • Power on/off
    • Remote Hands service
    • Connectivity configuration changes


  • Own rack: Customers contract directly with MTS or NSP
  • Shared rack: Up to two customers per rack and end users contract directly with the NSP who will manage the rack

MTS invests significantly in technology development to support the diverse needs of fixed income market participants. It is our goal to provide a best-in-class platform to facilitate the increasing levels of activity and trading volumes for the electronic fixed income market.