MTS Alpha

A real-time unnetted and ultra-low latency tick by tick price feed for bonds deliverable into the bond futures in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Subscribers to MTS Alpha will be able to take advantage of this low latency premium data product. MTS Alpha includes all price updates received on deliverable Bonds that hit the MTS Cash markets in France, Germany Italy and Spain.

MTS Alpha sources prices from cash order books across Europe. Users can analyse price impact and liquidity formation in the cash and futures market as well as react to movements in levels of liquidity.

Benefits include:

  • Resting orders (Quotes & FAS) as well as Fill-or-Kill and Fill-and-Kill orders
  • Updated every c600 microseconds
  • Connectivity via direct connection or certified ISVs
  • All price updates received on Bond Future deliverables
  • Prices directly sourced from a broad range of cash order books