MTS Depo Is Live: Electronic Trading of Deposits on the MTS Money Market Facility

  • MTS Depo

MTS introduces a new market for the electronic trading of unsecured cash deposits. This new market for deposit contracts will be made available on the MMF platform alongside the secured Interdealer Repo markets.

By adding the option to trade deposit contracts to the MMF Platform, short end money market traders and treasurers will be able to easily transact both their deposit and repo contracts on a single platform in a familiar trading system with fully automated transmission of settlement instructions to Target 2.



  • Building on the extensive and established MTS technology and member networks makes the MTS Depo market available to the widest audience of potential participants with low barriers to entry.


Integration and Connectivity

  • Technically available immediately to every participant already connected to the MTS Interdealer Repo market
  • Lease line or internet connectivity
  • Single integrated front end software for trading deposits and repo contracts
  • Single integrated blotter
  • A range of post-trade STP solutions



  • Flexible trading protocols built around a Central Order Book and bilateral trading functionalities
  • Flexibility of quotation for both standard size contracts and also dedicated “Large” contracts with a larger minimum tradable size
  • Comprehensive choice of preconfigured tenors in addition to broken dates supporting trades from one day up to one year in duration



  • EURO Deposits at launch
  • GBP and USD Deposits soon after



  • Supervised by the BOI as a multilateral deposit exchange system



  • All trades executed and settled bilaterally
  • Support for direct and indirect participants of Target 2
  • Automated settlement instruction sent to Target 2

For further information or questions, please contact:

+44 (0)20 7076 0029