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RepoFunds Rate (“RFR”) is a series of daily euro repo indices comprising RFR Germany, RFR France, RFR Italy, RFR Austria, RFR Belgium, RFR Finland, RFR Ireland, RFR Netherlands, RFR Portugal, RFR Spainand RFR Euro. The indices are calculated from trades executed on either the MTS or BrokerTec electronic platforms. All eligible repo trades are centrally cleared and RepoFunds Rate is calculated and published by CME Information Services. Each index is calculated with repo trades that use sovereign government bonds issued by the relevant country as collateral. All indices are denominated in euros.

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RFR Euro
17/06/2024 3.712
RFR Austria
17/06/2024 3.711
RFR Belgium
17/06/2024 3.706
RFR Finland
17/06/2024 3.702
RFR France
17/06/2024 3.705
RFR Germany
17/06/2024 3.675
RFR Ireland
17/06/2024 3.711
RFR Italy
17/06/2024 3.732
RFR Netherlands
17/06/2024 3.692
RFR Portugal
17/06/2024 3.696
RFR Spain
17/06/2024 3.701

Time snapshot: 17/06/2024 - 7:00 PM CET

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