About Tri-Party Repo

With secured funding and financing transactions now an integral part of most market particpants’ portfolios, the need to drive efficiency, reduce risk and enhance returns has made smart collateral management essential.

A secured tri-party transaction helps to limit risk exposure, increase returns and optimise balance sheet usage in an environment where regulatory pressures are driving systemic change.

MTS supports the tri-party services of Euroclear, Clearstream and Monte Titoli facilitiating  tri-party repo trading in both bilateral and cleared triparty products:

  • €GC Plus, LCR and ECB eligible baskets supported by Euroclear tri-party services and cleared by LCH.Clearnet SA
  • X-COM, a tri-party collateral management solution offered by Monte Titoli that allows financial institutions, asset managers, insurance companies and corporations to effectively manage their financing needs via a single, integrated mechanism either bilaterally or cleared via Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia