MTS Swaps by

MTS and Wematch have joined forces to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the interest rate swaps (IRS) marketplace. The result is MTS Swaps by, our new trading platform which bridges between legacy voice trading and pure electronic trading in the interdealer IRS market. MTS Swaps is an intuitive, easy-to-deploy, and trader-friendly alternative to incumbent electronic trading platforms and voice brokers.

  • Developed and continuously evolving in partnership with the dealer community
  • Simple-to-use trading platform available to all dealers that meet the MTS Swaps membership criteria

  • Gadget; Curve; Flies; 3m/6m Tenor Basis, Curve & Flies; ESTR/EURIBOR Basis, Curve & Flies;  EUREX/LCH Basis, Curve & Flies

  • Straightforward digital negotiation and execution
  • Significantly increase your efficiency and productivity through automated workflows
  • Innovative negotiating functionalities, such as Meet-in-the-Middle, Risk Netting Service and Work-Up
  • Pre-trade price and size controls and auto-protect feature linked to Wematch Mid
  • Single click to subject or cancel trader and desk prices
  • Pre-trade anonymity with post-trade name give-up

  • Competitive, simple, and transparent fee schedule, with a choice of either “all-you-can-eat” or “pay-per-trade” fees
  • Reduces the cost of trading in the IRS space

  • Easy-to-deploy, web-based trading platform accessed via a web browser leveraging the widely used Wematch trading platform for IRS
  • Connects via the internet, with no need for expensive leased lines
  • Fully automated post-trade straight-through processing (STP) connectivity into MarkitWire and downstream into the CCPs
  • Protected by industry-standard security

  • Regulated as a multilateral trading facility (MTF) in the EU and UK
  • Electronic audit trails, from order entry to trade execution, to meet record keeping requirements and reduce conduct risk