SFTR Solutions

What is SFTR? 

The “MiFID II for repo”, SFTR is the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation, an EU law that introduced transaction reporting obligations for the repo and buy-sell back markets. In general, both counterparties to a trade need to report. 

Who is in scope for reporting? 

With some limited exemptions: 

  • EEA firms, including their EEA and non-EEA branches. 
  • EEA branches of non-EEA firms. 

What needs to be reported? 

Trades, lifecycle events such as collateral updates and collateral reuse have to be reported to a Trade Repository by T+1. 

What do I need to report under SFTR? 

Up to 113 fields are in scope for repo with 61 matching fields high risk of “reporting breaks” 

How do I report under SFTR? 

Significant challenges for both buyside and sellside workflows. 

  • Multiple manual processes, inefficient workflows and limited standardisation!

MTS enables Buyside and Sellside to overcome these challenges with dedicated SFTR Blotter and electronic trading solutions

Automate buyside and sellside workflows with MTS Repo