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Here you can find the Terms and Conditions regulating the licensing by EuroMTS Limited of market data to Vendors, End Users and customers.

The contractual relationship between EuroMTS and the licensees shall be regulated by the relevant Order Form, Terms and Conditions and Policy Schedule available here below and the applicable Fee Schedule. If you would like to receive the Order Form and the Fee Schedule please write to

Terms and Conditions - Real-Time Data, Delayed Data, Reference Prices, Reference Data and Snap-Shot Data

MTS Data Terms and Conditions (End Customer) - September 2016

MTS Data Terms and Conditions (Vendor) - September 2017

Terms and Conditions - MTS Time Series

MTS Time Series Terms and Conditions - September 2016

Product Licence Agreement - Derived Data

MTS Data - Derived Data Product Licence Agreement - September 2016 (Template - For information purposes only)

Data Licence Agreement - Real Time Information To Financial Intermediaries

MTS Data Licence Agreement - Financial Intermediaries - May 2015

Schedule D - MTS Data Licence  Agreement - Financial Intermediaries - May 2015

Policy Schedule

MTS Data Policy Schedule - January 2016

Additionally, End Customers of Real-Time Data will also need to complete the relevant Data Usage Declaration which can be found here below:

MTS Real-Time Data Usage Declaration

MTS Real-Time Data Usage Declaration - January 2016 (for customer accesses through data vendors)

MTS Approval Form - January 2016 - (for Thomson Reuters customers only)

MTS Real-Time Data Usage Declaration (for Direct Users) - January 2016 - (for customer accesses via direct connection to MTS)

MTS Real-Time Data Fee Schedule

MTS Real-Time Data Fee Schedule